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12 MIC Metalized Polyester film

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Salient Features

  • This is 12mic Metalized polyester film with one side coated with silicon coating.
  • The film has outstanding release property in combination with the known Metalized polyester film property.
  • There, is minimum transfer of coating due to very good curing of the coating.
  • Silicon coating is extremely well anchored on the film.
  • The release film can be adjusted to customer need from easy to more tight release.


  • Release Linear for pressure sensitive labels
  • Release Linear for single release
  • Release Linear for cast polymer materials
  • This film can be used for coating acrylic adhesive on the uncoated side.
  • Pressure Linear where separation is needed during processing of storing


  • Excellent handling characteristics
  • The film has excellent dimensional stability and lay flat characteristics compared to paper liner
  • The film has high tear strength which minimizes web-breaks and increases productivity unlike paper based liner.
  • The film die cuts well and curling issues unlike paper based liner.
  • The film has very smooth surface which translate a smooth adhesive surface.