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Garlam - Flexible Insulating Material

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Insulating materials are the need of electrical & electronics industries which must possess high electrical & mechanical strength.

We being the pioneers in the field of electrical insulating materials offer composite laminates comprising of presspahn paper and polyester film in various combination to suit individual's REQUIREMENTS.

Garlam Laminates

Garlam laminates are composites Materials of world famous presspahn paper and polyester film, which are glued together with high quality adhesive. Garlam laminates are produced in various combination to cover the needs of electrical field.

Garlam G2

Composites of two layers
Composites of two layer, presspahn paper & polyester film.

Garlam G3m

Composites of three layers
Polyester film, presspahn paper & Polyester film.

Garlam G3m

Composites of three layers
Presspahn paper, polyester film & Presspahn paper


  • Garlam laminates do not crack or split when creased sharply.
  • Easily formed into cuffed slot closures manually or by automatic machines and run efficiently in fully automatic forming and inserting equipments.
  • Garlam laminates have insulation resistance coupled with very low water absorption.
  • Garlam composite make it suitable for use without additional support in fractional horsepower motors.
  • Garlam laminates can be upgraded to higher class insulating material by impregnation of suitable varnish.

Quality control

At our works quality control is top priority. Garlam. Composites are manufactured with the help of the latest machinery. Our engineers ensure that garlam laminates live upto the specification. Destructive breakdown voltage tests & bending tests are the part of standard checks.


Garlam electrical laminates are available in various forms such as sheets, rolls & narrow widths or request for various applications. Composites are manufactured with presspahn paper of 5, 7 & 1 mils generally combined with polyester film of 25 or 36 micron in duplex & triplex varieties.

General sizes

Rolls 6001740 mm, sheets in 740 x 600 mm, tapes 25 mm and above in multiples of 5 mm only.

Notes The information given in the catalogue is based on general experience but no liability will be assumed or implied in connection with the use of these informations.

Technical Information

For types and usage

Designation Composition Class Application
Garlam G2 Presspahn paper
Polyster film
'E' Slot insulation / slot cover alround insulations, stamping moulding intermediate layers, winding insulations layers, core insulations, coil bodies. spares winding support of small potentiometers, coil layer insulation, winding head phase insulation.
Garlam G3 Polyster Film
Presspahn paper
Polyster film
Garlam G3M Presspahn paper
Polyster film
Polyster film

Typical Properties

*Properties Unit Value
Colour Visual Green
Tensile Strength
N / 10 MM (min)
% (min)
Dielectric Strength KV 6

* The above are typical properties of Galam G2 duplex of 0.30 MM.


Designation *Total Thickness
*GSM *Yield
Garlam - G2 (Mils)
5+1 0.15 190 5.30
7+1 0.20 270 2.70
10+1 0.30 370 2.70

* Tolerance: +/- 15%